Complete E-Contracting platform connecting Administrators
and Agents to Automotive and RV Retailers.

Moxy Benefits Every Touchpoint! 



Streamline your software process by leveraging Moxy’s solution. We incorporate your VSC program including rates, coverage levels, applicable vehicles, and documents into our system making it simple for your team to provide fast, secure processing of contracts. And with Moxy’s ability to customize any form or process, Administrators have the ultimate in flexibility in designing their programs.


As your client list expands and the volume of Service Contracts sold increases, it’s critical to access real-time information on your portfolio and the status of each VSC. Moxy provides an easy way to monitor transactions, view rate programs, and identify any special rules or guidelines from various Administrators.  Moxy is also accessible on mobile devices making it simple to check when on the road.

Auto Dealers

Your business office efficiency and tracking improve with the Moxy solution. Get accurate Vehicle Service Contract rates for the vehicle your customer is purchasing, compare multiple companies to ensure the best program is presented, and that coverage levels are just right for each transaction and meet the needs of the customer and the dealership goals.

Finance Companies

Lenders providing payment plans for VSC Administrators often look to coordinate and share information in a fast and secure fashion.  Getting that information in an easy to read “app” allows call center operators to more effectively handle any issues relating to payments on Vehicle Service Contracts, share information in real time and provide stellar service to consumers.

An Innovation in Service Contract Sales


Every document is generated on-demand using a library of pre-approved assets and your daily sales records.


Approved contracts and documents are routed to our nearest certified facility for timely and accurate fulfillment.


Watch your products move across the country on Google Maps and verify confirmed delivery to your customers.

The Moxy Solutions Automotive Dealer platform is now available In French and Spanish